• Building a great app is not enough

    For a successful mobile app you need:

    A great app


    User engagement strategy

    This is where we come in

  • Engage and excite your mobile users

    Messages drive users to engage with your app

    4 X User

    2 X Retention
    after six months

    Drive engagement with one line of code

    Our Product
    Stream content
  • Get visibility across your
    global app portfolio

    Carnival marketing suite

    Carnival Mobile Marketing Suite

    We link your apps together to create an owned marketing channel

    Get actionable insights in real-time for one app or a whole portfolio

    Integrate mobile into every campaign at the push of a button

  • Winning on mobile is hard.
    But we know how.

    1. Set mobile
    2. Too many brands only do this
      & build
    3. Acquire
    4. Engage
    5. Analyze
      & Report

    …and forget to do these

    Our platform drives success

    Our Product

    See our customers’ results

    Case Studies
  • Engage your mobile audience

    Carnival Marketing Suite lets you send rich, interactive content that excites

    Content Types







    Fake Call

    Push Only

  • Create quickly and easily

    Our drag-and-drop interface allows you to compose
    and send messages in seconds

    A screenshot of the Carnival App
  • Deliver messages that resonate

    Our advanced targeting allows you to send messages to the
    right people, at the right time

    Segment your audience by what matters to you

    Deliver relevant content in realtime, or schedule for later

    Target campaigns by activity level, language, time zone, or current location

  • Get the insights you need

    Our suite enables you to analyze powerful data such as installs,
    open rate, and user activity…all in real time

    A screenshot of the Carnival App
  • The world's best brands

    Use Carnival Marketing Suite to win on mobile

    our customers’ success speaks for itself

    One Direction app
    Coca-Cola, Big Kick Challenge app
    Oreo, Twist Lick Dunk app
    Time CNN, Inner Circle app

    See why more than 50% of users opted to take a phone call from Nabisco.

    Using Carnival’s geo‑targeting, Coke drove hundreds of thousands of restaurant visits.

    By integrating a mobile campaign, OREO super‑charged their Super Bowl advertising.

    CNN used Carnival to track their audience’s opinions in real time.

  • Company

    Carnival Marketing Suite is a unified mobile marketing platform for brands and agencies to engage their audience with interactive campaigns and analyze performance in real time.

    Who are we

    We founded the world’s first iPhone app company in 2007.

    Our team comes from app development, social agencies, marketing technology, and online gaming.

    We’re supported by the best in the business.

    Why we do it

    The mobile future is here. Consumers spend more time in mobile apps than they do surfing the web.

    We believe your mobile audience wants to be engaged and deserves investment.

    We empower brands with the tools to succeed on mobile.

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